iFamily for Tiger

iFamily for Tiger 2.221

Genealogy focused on the individual


  • Focused on the individual
  • Advanced search
  • Ancestors and descendants


  • Useless font resizing
  • Disorderly interface
  • Limited photo editing


iFamily for Tiger takes a fresh look at genealogy by focusing on the individual. Click on any member of your family tree and you'll be able to browse information, photos, or even the Wikipedia page for that person from the bottom pane of the interface. It's easy to create new family members and join them together in the tree. The program also has an advanced search feature to quickly find people based on any criteria like age, name or birth date.

You can check out all ancestors and descendants from one person and immediately see how they are linked. Also, iFamily features a print button to have a paper copy of your genealogy at any time.

The interface of the program is slightly disorderly and can be confusing the first time you open the program. There's also a button to change font size, which only goes up to 16, and which we did not find particularly useful.

If you can do with the crowded interface, iFamily is a fairly original genealogy program, and the fact that it focuses on the individual makes it all the more interesting to use.

iFamily for Tiger is a genealogy application for people who think differently. Whereas other genealogy software tends to emphasize the family unit, this software's focus is on each individual person. This distinction is subtle and is a feature of iFamily for Tiger. In iFamily for Tiger you can see at a glance whether an individual has more than 2 parents or more than 1 spouse. Parent-child relationships may be natural (the default), step, adopted or foster relationships.

Designed to focus on each individual person rather than as a family unit, other features of the application include:

  • Easy to use intuitive interface
  • Display multiple spouses and step children
  • Handles nearly 50 different image formats as well as including its own photo cropping/editing function
  • Images may be added individually or in batches using drag/drop or cut/paste from iPhoto, folders or taken from a web page. The application also includes an image transcription function to assist the user to interpret and record information from images of old documents and tombstones.
  • The navigation within iFamily for Tiger is simple and fast. As the user works with this application it remembers not only the data that has been entered, but also the navigational route the user has followed.
  • Simple but powerful search field is provided in the toolbar that provides searches on Name, ID, Title, Birth Date or Place, Cause of Death, Notes, Comments or more
  • Gedcom import and export

iFamily for Tiger is for Apple Mac users who like to use the latest hardware and the latest operating system. It will not run on systems earlier than Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger). Although it works well on smaller machines it is best used with one of the larger displays (17"+) that is set to its maximum resolution and a mouse that has more that one button.

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iFamily for Tiger


iFamily for Tiger 2.221

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